Mar 4, 2020

Stop getting immersed in social media, meet real people for a change

As someone who lost a loved one recently, I now repent every second I ever spent in the digital world.

Oh how much I wish that I'd have rather spent those moments with this loved one instead of social media, how much I'd give to turn back the wheel of time and say the things to that loved one which now I will never be able to say.

But all that thinking is futile now, this wisdom cannot change what has happened already though it can and will change my future course from now onwards.

What this wisdom might also change is your life if you are addicted to social media or digital world by some other way. But that can only happen to the extent that one human can inspire another through mere words and the ability of the other human to grasp the other's experience through mere words.

I really hope against hope that you don't go through this harsh and terrible experience but learn from my experience instead. I really hope against hope that you will take your head out of the computer and call that loved one who is waiting for your call.

That's my limitation, all I can do is hope, I cannot force anyone to care for their loved ones as each has their own karma. Some learn the lessons the hard way just like me and nothing can be done about it.

Its upto you now to ensure whether my hope remains just hope or pushes someone to make it a reality. If that happens even in case of a similar person, nobody will be happier than me!

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